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Our philosophy is a guiding factor of our firm's success

Over a Quarter Century of Experience

For over thirty-two years, Baron Associates P.C. has represented clients facing a wide range of legal challenges – from the straight forward to the seemingly complex. How do we consistently manage to find innovative solutions that lead to precedent setting litigation in favor of our clients? Simply put, it’s what we live for. What makes this possible is our firm’s foundation of exceptional legal talent, our wealth of experience, our dedication to teamwork and our commitment to achieving professional excellence. In the environment that we have created, integrity and honesty are our bedrock; and ingenuity and hard work is expected. Every single client is given the same dedication with the foresight necessary to minimize liability and maximize potential. We demand nothing less of ourselves than proactive management of complex legal matters and creative approaches in dealing with our client’s various issues. Why this passion for excellence? Because our greatest pride is knowing that our clients place their trust and confidence in us.

personal injury & negligence

The Law Firm of Baron Associates P.C. is one of the most trusted and respected in New York State when it comes to personal injury and negligence. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident or incident due to another parties’ negligence and have sustained personal injuries as a result, finding the right lawyer is crucial. The experienced legal team at Baron Associates P.C. have been handling matters of personal injury and negligence for over thirty years. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you. Call now for a free consultation.


Commercial litigation refers to situations that involve the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and/or businesses engaging with each other. To protect your rights you need experienced competent and detail-oriented attorneys that will litigate vigorously on your behalf. You may not know your rights and what your options are – Baron Associates P.C. is well versed in commercial litigation cases whether Plaintiff’s or Defendant’s side so call us today. 

Appellate litigation

Baron Associates P.C. handles civil appellate litigation from top to bottom with our team of attorneys with admissions in most appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court. With over thirty years of experience, our firm has the capability to provide our clients with high level appellate services from full briefing all the way to oral argument. Appellate litigation differs from trial litigation in several fundamental ways. Different standards of review apply in different types of appeals and the experienced attorneys at Baron Associates P.C. are here ready to engage and put our services to work for you. 

employment law

Baron Associates P.C. has, for over thirty years, represented workers and classes of employees in a variety of matter including but not limited to discrimination, harassment, contract disputes, and wage lawsuits. Being a victim at your workplace is an unfortunate situation and can cause extreme stress, negatively affect your job performance, and create a hostile, intimidating work environment. The experienced attorneys at Baron Associates P.C. have the knowledge and compassion to help guide clients through these tough situations. 


Property damage can happen to anyone. If you or a loved one are involved in a motor vehicle accident, chances are that the car you were in sustained damage. If you parked on the street and someone crashes into your car, that can result in property damage. If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your house, you may have sustained property damage. If construction is occurring near your home or car and their negligence caused damage to something you own, that is property damage. There are a wide range of reasons people need an attorney for property damage. You should consult an attorney that is well versed in all aspects of property damage from car accidents to fire cases to floods.

municipal cases

With New York City being so vast with countless roads, sidewalks, employees, buses, trains, and cars, accidents are bound to happen involving The City of New York as a liable party.  If you’ve been involved in a trip and fall on a sidewalk or roadway, involved in a motor vehicle accident where the vehicle is owned by The City of New York and/or been injured on public property, been a victim of police misconduct, and/or have a child that was injured on school property, you may have a claim against The City of New York.

legal malpractice

Legal malpractice unfortunately occurs all too often. Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney, while representing a client, acts or fails to act in a way that prejudices their client. This can occur in a variety of ways. It is important that you contact an aggressive and knowledgeable firm that will hold attorneys responsible for their malpractice. Baron Associates P.C. is an aggressive and knowledgeable firm that understands the ins and outs of legal malpractice.

intentional tort

Baron Associates P.C. represents individuals in all types of cases involving intentional torts including but not limited to assault and battery, sexual harassment, fraud and defamation. Each intention tort is comprised of different elements that must be proven in order for a Plaintiff or the person suing to prove their case. Each type of case has its own standard that is vital to success. An individual that has been a victim of an intentional tort needs to consult a law firm that is well versed in handling intentional tort cases.

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